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Hard Work Vs Talent

Hard Work Vs Talent

TALENT / HARD WORK; which is more superior?

Which of these is of great importance and yields great success to a Digital marketer?


Often times, these two terms have been subjected to debates and comparison. However, it is quite safe to say that they are both key determining factors in achieving success. Talent “is an inborn quality that gives one a smart way to achieve” but (it) is futile unless you go for it. One should not just sit by and expect good results. As it is commonly said, “hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard”

Of course, everyone has several opinions on this topic depending on their preferences, you too, based on experience may favour talent to hard work; vice versa. But the truth is, there are situations where natural talent is more efficient for productivity: for instance, when it comes to impressing a hiring manager, natural talent beats experience. Whereas, there are other scenarios in which hard work must stand out. Nevertheless, the importance of these terms cannot be over emphasized as they are combined interchangeably to yield an outstanding success.

Juxtaposing talent & hard work with business is quite technical. In business, hard work is the keyword. Having a natural talent is good, but it can still prevent you from achieving something. Psychological research have proven that a person who is constantly applauded for his natural talent could decide that he might not have to work hard to achieve success. Well, in a normal sense, he could still prevail. But in a business world, slacking would be quite dangerous because every move you make, every second that passes by matters and you dare not take it for granted. It takes a lot to gain the attention of a potential customer, a lot more to convert that customer but it further takes a whole lot more to keep the customer. This cannot be merely achieved by just raw talent.

As a digital marketer, you have to completely acquire and master digital marketing tools to facilitate quick conversion. You must develop skills with technology tools and platforms like buffer, hoot suite, twitter and Google analytics, mail chimp, etc. you must be able to make regular and  relevant post, carefully scrutinize your audience and evaluate your performance (so as to modify and improve underperforming Ads or totally terminate unsuccessful Ads). Being a digital marketer will place a lot on your table, so you have to be very good with processing a lot of data and information at once as a simple delay in response to a potential customer’s needs could make you lose that customer. Patience is also a necessary trait a marketer must possess. These and more are what is required to make a business successful through digital marketing. Hence, you will agree with me that talent is not enough. Hard work is more important here as talent will only carry you so far. If one is not willing to put in the work to cultivate and harvest his talent, then the talent itself is essentially useless. However, talent and hard work go hand in hand to provide better results. You can be a genius when it comes to issues on digital marketing, but hard work gets you motivated. Anyone could have an idea or a vision but it takes hard work to make that idea a reality.



So, what advice would you give to a pal who is starting up a brand/business, should he work hard? Should he exploit his talents? Or should he rather combine these tools for the greater good?

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